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The Fastest 2 Minutes in International Business

Our GlobalTeam™ of highly experienced international project managers – on the ground in 32 countries – contributed to the following brief summary of the franchise world opportunities for 4th quarter 2015.

Asia China
The Philippines
Viet Nam
Watch the consumer economy not the overall GDP growth.
Large corporations are investing in new consumer projects.
Ringgit drop of 25% against the US$ plus political unrest.
US pizza and coffee franchises flourishing. Seriously.
Middle class buying power accelerating.
Stable politics. Military dictatorships often are stable.
US sailors on shore leave, 6%+ GDP growth.
Americas Argentina
You still get paid in soybeans, if at all.
Economy is stalled, inflation climbing, corruption rife.
Tim Horton’s and Burger King are now one???
New President negative on business. Investment stopped.
Show me the money and where it came from.
Mexico City, Monterrey and Cancun booming.
Lima is a city of cranes and new foreign F&B brands.
US$15/hour minimum wage means no margins, less jobs.
Europe Ireland
United Kingdom
GDP growth of 3.5% projected for 2016.
Difficult to find investors/risk takers for new foreign brands.
3.5% GDP growth for 2015 is the highest in the EU.
Foreign brands with US$ denominated rents are closed
GDP growth for 2016 estimated to be 2.6%.
Political unrest leading to drop in new project investment.
2.4% GDP growth, but normal investment analysis paralysis.
Middle East Egypt
Saudi Arabia
Pent up consumer demand, high growth but scary security.
Challenges to get new businesses open due to regulations.
New building push, large expat influx, airport & airline soaring.
Elsewhere Australia
South Africa
GDP growth of 2.6% but falling commodity exports. Jobs iffy?
Not another country, another universe.
Low growth, high unemployment (25%), low new investment


Infographics for the Franchise Sector

Wikipedia defines an infographic as “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.”

Our world moves so fast today that it is hard to get people to read long articles and sometimes even bullet point slides with few words. Infographics help overcome this barrier to communication. Infographics are simply quick to read and easy to understand data visualizations.

In the franchise industry – comprised of 75 different business sectors and over 3,000 brands in the U.S. – the International Franchise Association (IFA) does an excellent job of keeping its members up to date on franchising today through two infographics.

The first can be downloaded at the following link and quickly explains the scope of franchising in the U.S. today: almost 800,000 franchised business locations in the U.S. directly employing over 8.5 million people and producing 839 billion in economic output a year. This infographic also shows the different types of franchises. Food and hospitality accounts for 65% of all franchises in the USA.

ADP, the payroll people who project employment from month to month, have recently started issuing a monthly National Franchise Report infographic that shows how many franchise related jobs were added and in which sectors. This PDFed infographic also shows graphically which industry sectors added and lost jobs during the month

There is an immense amount of data on these two one-page infographics that are easy to scan quickly instead of reading a long and detailed report, which most humans are now hesitant to do!

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